The Decadal Plan

The Decadal Plan for Biosystematics and Taxonomy in Australasia is an opportunity to effect a real change in the status, visibility and funding of biosystematics and taxonomy in Australasia.

It will:

  • document the value of taxonomy and systematics for society, government and industry;
  • document current opportunities and risks in the sector;
  • provide a forward-looking vision and roadmap for the discipline, including its impacts on and benefits for biodiversity, society and the economy;
  • provide a detailed investment plan for the next decade; and
  • initiate steps toward implementing the plan through engagement with the sector and its stakeholders.

Decadal Plans have been developed for a number of sectors in Australian science by the Australian Academy of Science - a listing of these can be obtained here.

More information on the Decadal Plan project can be found here and here).

Blog posts about the Decadal Plan, including posts from the Taxonomy 2028 Challenge Documents and published reports relevant to the Decadal Plan