So what is noto|biotica?

Noto|biotica is a collaborative blogging site for the Australasian taxonomy and systematics community. 

Use it to update your colleagues and yourself on projects, news, views, triumphs and disasters, the highs and lows of life as a taxonomist or biosystematist in Australasia, and considered insights on life in all its glory.

Noto|biotica isn't a Facebook Group (Links on the Home page will take you to a bunch of those). It's a collaborative blogging site, and is best used for short-form journalism rather than tweets or Facebook-like posts.If you don't have your own blog site but would like to try blogging, try noto|biotica.

One of the best ways to start is to write a short blog about yourself and your current project. Whether you're an Honours or PhD student, an early career researcher or an established systematist or taxonomist with a portfolio of projects, writing a short personal and one or more project blogs will help keep others informed about you and the crucial importance of your project to our understanding of life on earth. You may find that comments on your blog will help spawn ideas or collaborations. Over time, noto|biotica may also become a useful resource for finding others with shared interests and research, and for keeping track of what's hot and trending (or was hot and has trended) in the Australasian taxonomy and systematics community.

How does noto|biotica work?

Posthaven, the blogging platform that supports noto|biotica, is really simple. Once you're registered, you can start adding posts straight away. Better still, you can post by email - simply send an email to; the subject of your email will become the title of your post, the text of your email will appear as the post - and you've posted!

Note that while you need to register as a contributor to start blogging on noto|biotica, it's a public blog and anyone can comment on your posts.

You can keep up-to-date with activity in our community by checking in at the noto|biotica blog at any time, or if you're really keen, by subscribing to the post feed via email.

It's that simple. A bit like a newsgroup (think Taxacom), a bit like a list server (think herbaria.list), but most like a blog. And of course, you can also upload images, videos, website links, and all that.

And it's just for us.